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Meeting 52: Developing Language and Literacy in the Early Grades: Toward Instructional Quality and Consistency in Oakland

Meeting 52 
February 27 - 28, 2024 
Oakland, California

Our meeting on February 27-28 in Oakland built on lessons from our last meeting about how shared understanding of quality and mutually reinforcing supports throughout a district can foster coherence in instructional quality. We also drew on developments in research, practice, and the national dialogue—often framed as “the science of reading”—that have shaped district approaches to cultivating early literacy. The meeting enabled us to explore ways in which classroom learning experiences can simultaneously address language and literacy needs, especially for multilingual learners. It also featured discussions about the capacity-building efforts needed to bring those learning experiences to life, with attention to a system of professional learning that can promote the knowledge, skills, and mindsets that can foster instructional quality. 

Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary (Video)



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