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Improvement Strategies

A variety of federal, state, and local improvement approaches have sought to achieve dramatic im­provement in persistently low-performing schools by removing factors that inhibit school growth and fail to support effective teaching and learn­ing. Although these efforts appropriately dedicate attention and resources to schools in greatest need, they have historically located the causes—and thus the solutions—for persistent low performance at the school level.

The Collaborative has actively wrestled with the challenges of school turnaround, and advocated for a more systemic approach that acknowledges and leverages the district role in school improvement. It has also sought to integrate principles of continuous improvement into the policies and strategies employed to improve student learning opportunities.

September 2018

In the 2017-18 school year, the California State Board of Education rolled out a new statewide system of support for local education agencies, with the goal of moving away from punitive accountability policies toward working alongside schools and… Read More

February 2011

Recent attention to school turnaround often situates the causes for (and solutions to) persistent low performance at the school level. This policy and practice brief draws on the experience of eight California school districts to suggest a more… Read More

November 2017

Meeting 34
December 14-15, 2017
Placerville, California Plans are well underway to develop a statewide system of support in California that, according to State Board of Education memos, will “assist LEAs and their schools to meet the… Read More

March 2010 - March 2010

Meeting 12
March 23-24,2010
Sacramento, CA Meeting Summary (PDF 182 KB) Logistics Briefing Book Cover Letter (PDF 92.6 KB) NCLB, Overview & Implementation ESEA Reauthorization Accountability in ESEA Human Capital in ESEA… Read More

December 2009 - December 2009

Meeting 11
December 17-18, 2009
Menlo Park, California Meeting Summary (PDF 161 KB) Logistics Briefing Book Cover Letter (PDF 120 KB) Research on Turnaround Schools District Strategies Ensuring Teacher Quality Ensuring Effective… Read More