Improving Outcomes for All Kids: MTSS, A Coherent and Integrated Systems Approach

Meeting 36
June 18-19, 2018
Sanger, California

A multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) creates a framework for identifying and supporting the academic and behavioral needs for all students. In June 2018, the California Collaborative on District Reform convened to explore how Sanger Unified School District has used MTSS to weave together multiple dimensions of improving student learning. The system in Sanger rests on a philosophy of early intervention and uses universal design for learning as the centerpiece of a base instructional program designed to meet the needs of all students. Through a culture of data use, a commitment to coherence at all levels of the system, and processes of ongoing reflection and refinement, the district demonstrates how MTSS can create opportunities for all children to thrive. Resources from the meeting, are available below.

Meeting 36 Summary


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