Meeting 34: Building a Statewide System of Support for Equity and Improvement: Principles, Players, and Proposals

Meeting 34
December 14-15, 2017
Placerville, California

Meeting 34 Summary


Supplemental Materials

Briefing Book

Policy and practice briefs produced as an outcome from Meeting 34.

Always Room for Improvement: The California System of Support as a Catalyst for Change
September 2018

In the 2017-18 school year, the California State Board of Education rolled out a new statewide system of support for local education agencies, with the goal of moving away from punitive accountability policies toward working alongside schools and districts to respond directly to local needs and contexts. Distilling lessons from prior research, practice, and continuous improvement endeavors, this brief outlines key principles of effective support and presents state policymakers, county offices, districts, and support providers with suggestions on how to engage in this work productively to ensure that the sytem successfully serves the students of California.