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Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership

The Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership is a joint effort of the third and fourth largest districts in California to pursue common goals, measure student outcomes, share professional knowledge, learn from each other, and support each other’s progress. This groundbreaking relationship distinguishes itself from other networks or professional associations through the level of joint commitment across the two systems, the deep engagement in common activities to improve student learning, and the strong agreement about the leadership practices that are most likely to make a difference for student achievement.

The Partnership itself grew out of a professional relationship developed through the California Collaborative, and represents one of several cases in which the Collaborative has served as an incubator for new district partnerships. Collaborative staff engaged in a four-year documentation effort that produced four briefs about the Partnership.

June 2012

This fourth and final brief about the Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership looks at the ways that two districts push one another to deepen the culture of data use within and across districts, address infrastructure challenges and provide support… Read More

June 2012

This Special Series on the Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership examines the evolution of this unique partnership, which began over four years ago with informal conversations between two superintendents.

December 2011

As school districts across the country seek opportunities to work strategically with other districts to increase efficiencies and learn from each other's experiences, the Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership serves as a useful example of such… Read More

November 2010

Based on interviews with district staff, this second in a series of briefs focuses on the leadership practices of the superintendents and the ways in which their partnership strengthens the strategies they employ. The brief concludes with a… Read More

December 2009

The first in a series of briefs describes the initial stages of the Partnership, the essential features of the districts’ work together, and some of the promising outcomes of the collaboration. The brief concludes with some questions that… Read More

November 2012

Presentations at the California Educational Research Association conference on November 29th and 30th highlighted work done by the California Collaborative.  Over the past four years, the Collaborative has documented a learning partnership between… Read More