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The Career Pathways Approach: A Way Toward Equity?

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In 2019, career pathways were offered in one-third of U.S. school districts, including more than 500 in California. A new brief from the California Collaborative on District Reform, The Career Pathways Approach: A Way Towards Equity?, examines the equity promise and challenge of pathways. At a time when traditional school experiences have been upended, students may struggle even more than normal to understand the relevance of their schoolwork and to connect it to opportunities after high school. Pathways can offer opportunities to enhance engagement, develop social capital, and build 21st century skills, especially for the most vulnerable students. To help pathways designers and implements fulfill the potential of the pathways approach, this brief offers conditions for equitable implementation and parallel strategies for success.

This brief shares insights from the California Collaborative on District Reform’s meeting in December 2019 on improving outcomes for all students using career pathways. For more information on this topic, please view the resources on the Meeting 40 page of the California Collaborative website.


Brief (2.87 MB)