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Pursuing Rigor, Relevance, and Equity: Student Pathways in San Bernardino

Meeting 40
December 18-19, 2019
San Bernardino, California

High school pathways seek to align coursework under a broad theme and provide access to rigorous academics and work-based learning in a way that offers both college and career preparation for all students. In December 2020, the California Collaborative on District Reform convened to explore pathways as a vehicle for equity, considering both the opportunities and the challenges associated with the approach. Meeting participants interacted with a range of partners in San Bernardino City Unified School District to explore the motivation for and promises of pathways work, the nature of learning opportunities in the workplace and the classroom, attention to equity in the design and implementation of pathways, and efforts to monitor progress over time. Resources from the meeting, including a summary of the group’s conversation, are now available below. 

Meeting 40 Summary


Briefing Book