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Feeling the Pinch: Navigating Financial Pressures in Pursuit of Educational Quality and Equity

Meeting 38
March 28-29, 2019
Elk Grove, California

Over the past decade, California schools have embraced fundamental policy changes that range from new academic standards to a transformed system of school finance, all in a context where a recovering state economy has contributed increasing revenues to K–12 education. Despite these promising developments, increasing costs and financial obligations make it difficult for districts to improve—or even maintain—the experiences they offer students and the working environments they create for adults in schools and school systems. In March 2019, the California Collaborative on District Reform convened to explore the sources of fiscal pressures, especially the ways in which multiple obligations combine to shape and constrain district options. Participants also examined potential opportunities for addressing these challenges through greater efficiency in district approaches, increasing the funds available to K-12 public education, and shifting the narrative about education systems’ fiscal situation. Resources from the meeting can be found below.

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