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21st Century Learning for All: Closing Opportunity Gaps

Meeting 20
January 10-11, 2013
San Jose, California

The 20th meeting of the California Collaborative on District Reform used the context of San Jose Unified School District,  21st Century Learning for All: Closing Opportunity Gaps,  to expand and deepen two areas of focus that have permeated much of the Collaborative’s activity in recent years: 21st century skills and closing opportunity gaps.  Twenty-first century skills are a key component of San Jose USD’s strategic plan; the meeting provided an opportunity to examine exactly what these skills are and how educators can best foster them and capture evidence of student mastery. In addition, attention to equity underlies the Collaborative’s approach to any area of educational improvement; San Jose USD’s efforts to identify and address opportunity gaps enabled members to explore ways in which systems can remove barriers and enable all students to acquire the knowledge and skills they need. Meeting participants then used these two areas of focus to dig more deeply into challenges of system change and to consider implications for current state policy issues.

Meeting Summary (PDF 520 KB)


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Additional Information

Below are some additional resources mentioned by Collaborative members during the meeting.