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Overview of San Jose Unified

**San Jose Unified School District. (2012, May). Opportunity21: Preparing all students for the 21st century (Executive summary). San Jose, CA: Author. Available at  Full_SJUSD_SP_ 2012.pdf

San Jose Unified’ s strategic plan for 2012-2017 focuses on closing existing opportunity gaps and preparing all students for success in the 21st century. Building on the progress the district has made over the past decade, San Jose Unified has defined five key objectives around which to focus their reform efforts: 1) high quality academics, 2) broader community and family supports, 3) research-based accountability and support, 4) high-quality staff, and 5) aligned resources and efficient operations.  This executive summary highlights the district’s rationale for selecting these objectives and explains how implementing these objectives will impact students, parents, teachers, school leaders, and central office and support staff.

San Jose Unified School District. (2012, May). Key performance measures (KPM) working paper: Structured approach to data-driven decision-making. San Jose, CA: Author. Available at http://www.

In this working paper, San Jose Unified outlines its key performance measures (KPMs) which are being developed to assess progress towards the goals set forth in its strategic plan. These KPMs include “measures of academic student success,” such as advanced reading and mathematics achievement, UC/CSU A-G course completion, and exhibiting 21st century skills, and “high leverage support measures,” such as high quality teachers, parent participation, and attendance. The document highlights the rationale for collecting and analyzing specific types of data associated with each KPM and identifies the proposed sub-measures, indicating whether the data has previously been collected by the district. It concludes with next steps for continued research, development, and procedures to align the KPMs with the district’s existing policies.

San Jose Unified School District. (2012, Fall). Opportunity21: San Jose Unified’s path to excellence [PowerPoint slides]. San Jose, CA: Author.  Available for members at this link.

These PowerPoint slides provide information on San Jose Unified’s 21st century skills framework and outline specific implementation plans for their KPMs. The presentation focuses on how the district plans to refine the way they collect, analyze, and monitor data, highlighting a timeline and pilot process for the new data practices.

San Jose Unified School District. (2011, August). SJUSD moving forward together [PowerPoint slides]. San Jose, CA: Author. Available at

This PowerPoint presentation provides background information on San Jose Unified, paying specific attention to their theory of action and their newly adopted vision and goals. The slides include district data from 2011 that identify opportunity gaps in overall academic performance, course-taking patterns, suspension rates, drop-out rates and UC/CSU eligibility. Additionally, the presentation outlines San Jose Unified’s plans to align district activities to the strategic plan and gather feedback from school sites and the community.

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