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Monitoring Instruction to Improve Teaching and Learning

**Elk Grove Unified School District, Research and Evaluation. (2023). Program implementation continuum (PIC) description. Available on Dropbox.

Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) believes that measuring the fidelity of implementation for their instructional framework is just as valuable as measuring student outcomes. This document articulates EGUSD’s rationale for why monitoring implementation is important and valuable. During Meeting 51, district leaders will elaborate on how implementation is measured and correlates with other outcomes of interest to the district.

**Education First. (2014). Classroom observations: Measuring teachers’ professional practices.

The article emphasizes the importance of high-quality classroom observations in evaluating and supporting teachers. When done well, observations can significantly enhance instruction and improve student achievement, especially if they are conducted by trained observers using effective rubrics. The piece provides recommendations for ensuring system-wide understanding of effective teaching practices, engaging teachers in the selection and implementation of frameworks and rubrics, supporting principals in their role as instructional leaders, and using technology to streamline the observation process. 

Myung, J., & Martinez, K. (2013). Strategies for enhancing the impact of post-observation feedback for teachers (Brief). Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

This brief outlines the importance of establishing a thoughtful and predictable format for post-observation feedback between principals and teachers. Making the process of giving and receiving feedback a positive experience is key to minimizing anxiety and resistance. The guide includes a feedback conversation protocol and concrete steps principals can take to mitigate these feelings through actively listening and building trust with teachers during the feedback process. The principles described here are well-connected to the ideas in The Science Behind Adult Learning in the “Leveraging Principals to Support High-Quality Instruction” section of readings.

**This document is a priority reading.