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Frameworks for Understanding District Readiness

Pivot Learning. (2022). District Readiness Index companion report

This report gives background information on how and why the DRI was developed, as well as aggregate information about the ratings California school districts received (for example, what domains most directly related to strong student performance or how many districts were rated as having strong or few foundations). The authors position the DRI as purposefully different from accountability measures, such as those on the California School Dashboard, because the DRI is meant to help identify levels of organizational capacity for sustainable change and not to provide an assessment of the district. Though the DRI is currently undergoing updates to its methodology, this report can help provide context to San José Unified School District’s report shared in the “SJUSD Context” section of readings.

Hitt, D. H., Robinson, W., & Player, D. (2018). District readiness to support school turnaround: A guide for state education agencies and districts, 2nd edition. The Center on School Turnaround at WestEd.

The authors of this report argue that school turnaround requires action and support from the district-level to be most effective. They use a four-domain framework for assessing a district’s readiness to support such turnaround and illustrate that framework through a fictionalized example. For the purposes of our meeting, we suggest reading pages 1-12. If you are limited on time, please read pages 1-4.