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DEI & Teacher Learning

**Darling-Hammond, L., Hyler, M. E., & Gardner, M. (2017, May). Effective teacher professional development. Available at

This brief provides a broad conceptual backdrop for our discussion of teacher learning and DEI by summarizing what researchers have learned about what makes for effective professional development (PD) for teachers overall. The authors outline seven characteristics of strong PD they identified across 35 studies: focuses on content, incorporates active learning, encourages collaboration, includes modeling of effective practices, provides coaching, offers opportunities for reflection and feedback, and is sustained over time. The authors also include examples of all seven characteristics from strong programs, discussion of what conditions need to be in place prior to holding PD, and implications for broader policies and practices.

For the purposes of Session IV, we encourage you to review pages 1-4 of the brief.

Najarro, I. (2022, March 4). K–12 diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings: Are they divisive or effective? EdWeek. Available at

After considering the mixed findings on whether diversity-focused trainings in workplaces are effective, the author of this article decides to sit in on a virtual diversity training for teachers in Durham, North Carolina. She recounts her experience and includes direct quotes from the teachers who participated in the training with her. The teachers shared differing opinions, sometimes resulting in tense but important conversations. It seemed that the participating teachers enjoyed and received value from the training, but acknowledged it is the first of several steps to be taken.

Rimmer, J. (2016). Segal, M., Wiener, R., Chu, E., Vranek, J., Hawley Miles, K., Freitag, E., Fu, C., Borders, D. G., Chatmon, L. R., Blackburn, D. K., Desravines, J., Gutierrez, N. B., Hostetter, M., Briggs, A., Johnson, S. Rodriguez, R. J., Weisberg, D., Silverman, M., Sheffield, R.,… & Cohen, J. (2021, January 26). Dear Dr. Cardona: Prioritize teacher learning. K–12 education organizations and leaders invite incoming ED secretary to prioritize teacher learning. Available at

Multiple education organizations signed this letter to the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) Secretary, Dr. Miguel Cardona, a day after the Biden administration took office. This letter encourages Dr. Cardona and the DOE to prioritize teacher professional learning as a means for advancing racial equity and addressing student needs. Outlined in six suggested action steps, the letter calls for a consistent focus on racial equity across all DOE priority areas, greater investments in evidence-based teacher professional learning, increased and reimagined teacher leadership opportunities, research grants to promote innovation and evidence, and facilitated connections amongst educators to promote learning. The authors believe these actions will contribute greater student learning, student well-being, and racial equity in experiences and outcomes.

**This document is a priority reading.