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Addressing the Complexities of Re-entry: District Approaches

**Wiener, R. (2020). Recovery and renewal: Principles for advancing public education post-crisis. Available at

This article outlines a set of principles that districts and states ought to focus on as they consider returning to school. The piece centers on inequities that the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed (and perhaps worsened), and argues for using this opportunity for education systems to fundamentally change and improve.

**Chiefs for Change. (2020). The return: How should education leaders prepare for reentry and beyond?. Available at 

This report offers more practical advice on reopening schools, with a stronger focus on considerations for teaching, learning, and the logistics of an adjusted school schedule.ugh standards, frameworks, or certifications.

**Vasquez, H. (2020, April 9). What if we...don't return to school as usual [Web log post]. Available at

Hugh Vasquez poses a provocative question in this article: What can we do during school closures to completely reimagine an education system that serves all, not just some? He challenges readers to be innovative in their thinking and to take this opportunity to broaden their idea of how schools can better advance social justice.

**This document is considered a priority reading.