Using Data to Support Improvement: Building Systems, Changing Culture

Meeting 39
June 26-27, 2019
Stockton, California

Continuous improvement has pervaded education discourse across California and has influenced policy in a number of areas, including the state’s approach to supporting districts identified for “differentiated assistance.” Meanwhile, plans in the 2019 budget offer hope for expanding the statewide longitudinal data system. This development potentially takes continuous improvement work to a new level and creates an opportunity to explore local strategies in the context of state-sponsored approaches to collecting and using data. In June 2019, the California Collaborative on District Reform convened to explore data use in the context of continuous improvement. Meeting participants discussed the knowledge, skills, and cultures necessary to use data effectively as part of a thriving education system. They also considered the kinds of data systems that can support those cultures, including those planned at the state level. Resources from the meeting are available below.

Meeting 39 Summary


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