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Garden Grove District Context

California Collaborative on District Reform. (2018). Garden Grove Unified School District (USD) student enrollment & performance. [Collection of student demographic and performance data for March 27-28. 2018, meeting of the Califfornia Collaborative on District Reform]. Available at

This collection of graphics and tables provides key background information about Garden Grove Unified School District (GGUSD). The pie chart and table show GGUSD student enrollment by ethnicity/race for the 2016-17 school year. The table also provides GGUSD and California student enrollment across other demographic categories, including English learners, students with disabilities, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, foster youth, homeless students, and the unduplicated student count for the 2016-17 school year. The graphs that follow provide California district English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics California Standards Test proficiency rates from 2007-2013 and meeting standards rates on the ELA and mathematics California Assessment for Student Performance and Progress from 2015-17

Garden Grove Unified School District. (2016). The Garden Grove way: 2016-17 annual report. [Brochure]. Available at

Each year, GGUSD releases a report describing their progress toward the goals outlined in their strategic plan. This report from the 2016-17 school year is organized by the district’s three goals: (1) academic skills (e.g., mastery of academic content, developing strong study habits), (2) personal skills (e.g., social-emotional learning, positive perceptions of district culture), and (3) lifelong success (e.g., college and career readiness). As evidence of progress towards their goals, the report shows the district’s results on state assessments and survey results about students’ scholarly habits (Goal 1); survey results from students, families, and teachers that illustrate perceptions of district culture (Goal 2); and the district’s results related to Advanced Placement and career pathways (Goal 3).

Garden Grove Unified School District. (June 2017). Garden Grove Unified School District Local Control and Accountability Plan. [LCAP Summary]. Available at

This document summarizes the GGUSD 2017-18 Local Control Accountability Plan for the district community. The first two pages of this document include an infographic with contextual information about the district. The document also explains that the data from the district’s stakeholders come from meetings and surveys conducted in 2016. The following pages mirror the format of the annual update and provide information related to the three goals outlined in the district’s strategic plan: Goal 1 shows the district’s progress on academic indicators and their associated budgets, Goal 2 displays measures that assess the district’s engagement with the whole child, and Goal 3 describes the district’s results on postsecondary preparation and success indicators. The document concludes with a list of actions the district, the school site, or both will take to meet each goal