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An Agenda for the Future: Mapping the Terrain of California Education

Meeting 33
June 22-23, 2017
Sacramento, California

Changes at the federal level and an upcoming California election are shaping the social, economic, and political context in which K-12 districts operate. The California Collaborative on District Reform convened for a two-day meeting to step back, reflect, and take stock of the road ahead. Meeting participants listened to research-based presentations that helped to illustrate the postsecondary world that schools are preparing students for, who those students are and what their challenges will be, and how much money school systems are likely to have to address those challenges and ensure student success. A set of working groups then explored the high priority challenges facing districts in three domains: (1) the instructional core (the interaction of teachers and students around content); (2) external factors that influence students’ abilities to engage in academic learning during their K-12 experience and to thrive after high school graduation; and (3) financial constraints and opportunities related to revenues, obligations, and investment priorities. Participants then considered issues of capacity, including the strategies and systems of support needed at the state and local levels to understand and effectively develop cultures and practices of continuous improvement. Resources from the meeting are available below.

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