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Leveraging Partnerships to Improve Community Outcomes: Collective Impact

Meeting 32
March 24-25, 2017
San Bernardino, California

The California Collaborative on District Reform convened in San Bernardino for a two-day meeting, Leveraging Partnerships to Improve Community Outcomes: Collective Impact. The current context of political uncertainty, social and governmental discord, and potential funding cutbacks make it more important than ever for organizations to work together in service of what is best for our youth. With that in mind, Leveraging Partnerships to Improve Community Outcomes: Collective Impact examined collective impact as a strategy for advancing progress toward broadly held community goals. Meeting participants explored possible motivations for a wide range of community partners to work together across organizational lines and what those various roles can entail. They also discussed shared measurement systems that can engage and inform cross-organization collaboration. Participants had further opportunities to consider key challenges related to selecting and supporting a backbone organization to organize collective impact work, securing funding to sustain joint efforts, and clarifying the roles of and securing commitments from partners to leverage the contributions of multiple organizations toward shared goals.

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