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Reading List: California Initiatives

State Context


Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning. (2006). California’s Teaching Force: Key Issues and Trends. Available at


This annual report of the CFTL presents an overview of the status of the teaching profession in California. While California has shown gains in student achievement, substantial gaps still exist, particularly in the achievement of African-American and Latino students. As a result, state policymakers are focused on improving the lowest performing schools and increasing teacher quality. While the supply of qualified teachers has improved, the authors point out several areas of concern: 1) students in schools serving a high percentage of minority students continue to be taught by less experienced and under-prepared teachers; and 2) acute shortages of experienced and prepared teachers for Special Education, Science, and Mathematics persist. The authors describe new initiatives by the state to increase the supply of teachers, particularly in high-need areas, and improve teacher hiring, transfer, and compensation policies.


Hill, E. G. (2006). Legislative Analyst Office Report. Update 2002-2004: The Progress of English Learner Students. Available at


Recent legislation


** California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) (2006). Integration of Academic Assistance Efforts with Available Resources. Not available online.


This one page graphic illustrates the targets for two recent California legislative acts, SB 1209 (Scott Bill) and SB 1133 (QEIA), including areas of overlap that districts might consider in planning for the implementation of these two bills.


SB 1133 – Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA)


** California Department of Education. (2007). Quality Education Investment Act of 2006 PowerPoint presentation. Available at


These PowerPoint slides outline the major components of the QEIA, a new $2.7 Billion program aimed at improving the lowest performing (API 1-2) schools in the state. The result of a negotiated settlement between the Governor’s office and the CTA, QEIA focuses on improving the conditions for learning, through class size reduction, a higher ratio of qualified counselors to students in secondary schools, improved teacher quality and professional development, and higher average teacher experience in participating schools.


Senate Bill No. 1133. Available at


SB 1209 – Scott bill.


** Office of the Governor. Fact Sheet: Increasing Number of Highly Qualified Teachers. Not available online.


This 1½-page summary outlines the major components of SB 1209 regarding teacher credentialing, out-of-state teachers, professional growth programs, and teacher compensation.


Office of the Governor. (2006, Sept. 28). Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Legislation to Increase the Number of Highly Qualified Teachers Serving California Students. Available at


Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning. (2006, Sept. 28). California Gets Serious about Teacher Quality. Available at


Association of California School Administrators. (2006, October 5). Will There be Long-Term Fiscal Support for SB 1209? Not available online.


Senate Bill No. 1209. Available at


AB 2117 – English Language Learner Pilot Project


Assembly Bill No. 2117. Available at



**This document is considered a priority reading.