Assessment and Teacher Leadership in the Transition to the Common Core

Whittier Common Assessments

Whittier Union High School District. (n.d.). Selected common assessments. [Unpublished documents provided by district]. Whittier, CA: Author.

The following documents are common assessments created by Whittier Union High School District teacher teams in the following subject areas: Algebra 1, Government, and U.S. History. The district periodically updates the assessments to reflect evolving student learning priorities. These example assessments seek to capture evidence of the knowledge and skills students have developed to meet the expectations of the Common Core; the incorporation of performance tasks into the assessments is part of this effort.  Please review the first two common assessments listed below in preparation for Session II of the meeting (Assessing Progress at the Local Level in a Common Core World).

**WHUSD Math Algebra 1- 9th Unit 7 2014-15 Writing Equations and Performance Task, EADMS ID#207521

**Gun Control Government Performance Task, EADMS ID#207159

WUHSD Math Algebra 1 Semester 2 Final Exam 2014-15, Test ID #207734

WUHSD Math Algebra 1- 9th Unit 10 Performance Task 2014-15, EADMS# 207616

New Deal Performance Task U.S. History 2014-2015, EADMS ID#207471

**This document is considered a priority reading.