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Reading List: Los Angeles Unified School District Background Materials and Readings

**This section includes information on Los Angeles Unified School District and the schools that we will visit on October 5th. The following materials are not available online.

  • **Local District 4 vision and goals
  • Local District 4 organizational charts
  • Local District 4 summary data
  • 2006-07 On Track and Off Track intervention programs
  • Local District 4 site visit school summary information and demographics


Articles on Capacity and Leadership used by LAUSD with Principals:


These articles and materials are used at the local district level and at professional development for principals around building content knowledge and leadership skills.


Lewis, C., R. Perry, & A. Murata. (2006). How Should Research Contribute to Instructional Improvement? The Case of Lesson Study. Educational Researcher, 35(3), pp. 3-14. Available at


This article provides background on lesson study which is a key strategy in use in Local District 4 professional development.


Stein, M. K., R. A. Engle, E. K. Huges, & M. S. Smith. Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions: Helping Teachers Learn to Better Incorporate Student Thinking. Available at


This article describes strategies for promoting discourse in mathematics classrooms.


Institute for Learning:


Institute for Learning. (2005). IFL/SCALE School/District-Level Leadership Rubric Development. Not available online.


Institute for Learning. (2005). IFL Principal’s Workshop: School Leadership Rubrics. Not available online


Institute for Learning. (2003). IFL’s District Design Principles and Assisting the Performance of Principals in Guiding and Sustaining Improved Instructional Practice. Not available online.


Institute for Learning. (2006). The Thinking Through a Lesson Protocol (TTLP). Available at


These IFL documents support the Local District 4’s work on leadership development and professional development with teachers.



**This document is considered a priority reading.