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Fresno Unified School District

Fresno Unified School District. (2010, March). District at a glance: Fact sheet. Fresno, CA: Author. Available at

This snapshot of Fresno Unified School District includes information on the district’s student population, number of staff and facilities, core beliefs, and goals to prepare career-ready graduates. In 2010, the district enrolled almost 73,000 students, of whom about 80 percent were eligible for free or reduced price meals and of whom 30 percent were English learners.

Fresno Unified School District. (n.d.). Performance management data dashboard (district level). Fresno, CA: Author. Available at

Fresno Unified School District tracks its progress using a district-level data dashboard. This document describes briefly what indicators are in the dashboard and then shares its progress for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 and its target outcome indicators for 2010-11 and 2011-12. Indicators include outcomes such as: 3rd and 5th grade California Standards Test (CST) proficiency in mathematics and English Language Arts; the percentage of graduates who completed a-g requirements for the University of California/California State University systems; social and emotional data from California Health Kids Survey; data from the Parent/Family Survey; and the number of highly qualified teacher applicants.

Council of the Great City Schools. (2012, April). Review of the instructional program of the Fresno Unified School District. Washington, DC: Author. Available at

This report presents findings and recommendations from the Council of Great City School’s (CGCS) three-day visit to Fresno Unified School District in April 2012. The report asserts that while the district has experienced significant improvements to financial health, effective infrastructures, and clearer policies under Superintendent Hanson’s tenure, the district still has a long way to go. Specific issues identified as barriers to improvement in student learning include chronic low expectations for students, a lack of accountability for teachers and administrators, and insufficient interventions and supports for at-risk and English learner students. Based on these findings, CGCS recommends reorganizing the central office, evaluating and improving the implementation of major district initiatives, repurposing the current set of coaches to focus on supporting the Common Core State Standards, and revising the leadership evaluation system.

Fresno Unified School District. (2012, May). District organization chart [PowerPoint slides].

In response to a specific recommendation in the CGCS report (see above), Fresno Unified School District reorganized the central office. These slides explain the reorganization plan which was aimed at reducing the number of direct reports to the Superintendent, and creating a Chief of Staff position. The organizational chart from June 2012, included at the end, was updated after the presentation and represents the latest version from the district.