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CORE: Standards and Assessments

**California Office to Reform Education. (2011). CORE Standards, Assessment and Data: Theory of Action.

**California Office to Reform Education. (2011). Overview of CORE Fact Sheet.

**California Office to Reform Education. (2011). CORE: An Overview (PowerPoint).

These three documents provide a general overview of the proposed scope of work for the California Office to Reform Education (CORE), a non-profit organization formed by seven California districts with the overarching goal of improving student achievement and closing the achievement gap so that all students are prepared for college and the workforce. The first document outlines CORE’s specific theory of action for their Standards, Assessment and Data work. The second document is a one-page overview of CORE. The third document is a presentation of CORE’s focal strategies, conceptual framework, and intended outcomes and output.

**This document is considered a priority reading.