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California and the Common Core Standards: Intersection and Direction

Meeting 13
June 29-30,2010
La Jolla, CA

The California Collaborative on District Reform met as a group on June 29-30, 2010 to review the Common Core State Standards in depth, examine their relationship to California’s current standards, and discuss what their adoption would mean for student learning in the state. After previous study and this intensive two-day meeting, the group decided collectively to encourage the adoption of the Common Core State Standards through this letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The California State Board of Education unanimously voted to adopt the Common Core State Standards on August 2.

Meeting Summary (PDF 178 KB)


Briefing Book


Learning from the Past: Drawing on California’s CLAS Experience to Inform Assessment of the Common Core (PDF, 183 KB)
September 2012

As California approaches a new system of academic standards, instruction, and assessment, it enters familiar territory. The use of multiple modes of assessment, tight alignment between assessments and expectations for student learning, and a focus on assessment for formative (as well as summative) purposes—all with an emphasis on students’ understanding and ability to apply their learning—mirror the state’s priorities as it transitioned to the California Learning Assessment System (CLAS) in the early 1990s. This policy and practice brief examines the CLAS experience to identify lessons for districts as they implement the Common Core today. Through these lessons, districts across the state might build on promising practices from two decades ago while avoiding some of the pitfalls that undermined the CLAS effort.

Full brief