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Reading List: RTI State Level Implementation



** This section includes information from the California Department of Education regarding RTI. The following materials are included:


Response to Instruction and Intervention letter from State Superintendent Jack O’Connell on 11/14/08 about implementing RTI in California. Available at$!27connel+RTI.pdf


**California Philosophy & Definition of RTI2. Available at


**Core Components of RTI2. Available at


**Resources for RTI2. Available at


** Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2) summary. Available at


California Association of School Psychologists. (2006). California’s response to intervention. White Paper: Resulting from Summit 3 held on May 20, 2006. Available at


This white paper reflects a consensus of cross-stakeholder education organizations that met on May 20, 2006 to discuss the elements necessary for an effective RTI process and implications for application in California. This white paper was meant to help guide CDE in the development of state regulations, policies, and practices surrounding RTI.


Other States


Zirkel, P.A., & Krohn, N. (2008). RTI after IDEA: A survey of state laws. Teaching Exceptional Children, 40(3), 71-73. Not available online.


This article summarizes IDEA regulations and policy interpretations, and the status of resulting state laws across the US one year after IDEA was enacted.


Hoover, J.J., Baca, L., Wexler-Love, E., & Saenz, S. (2008, August). National implementation of response to intervention (RTI): Research summary. Available at


This paper summarizes research studying the level of emphasis of current and projected state-wide efforts for implementing RTI from the perspective of special education state department directors in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The study found that every state indicated some emphasis on RTI and that over one-third of states indicated they plan to use RTI to replace or supplement the learning disability discrepancy model.


**This document is considered a priority reading.