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Reading List: District Level Implementation

** National Association of State Directors of Special Education, Inc. Response to intervention: Policy considerations and implementation. Alexandra, VA: Author. Available at


This booklet recommends that SEAs and LEAs develop and establish certain types of groundwork and infrastructure to ensure successful RTI implementation across the educational system—such as identifying, consolidating, and supplementing resources from diverse funding sources. The booklet describes the rationale for RTI and its core principles and components, and explores policy analyses that show how RTI is entrenched in federal law and policy. Lastly, the book explains RTI’s multi-tier model of delivering educational resources.


Please note – This booklet is located in the inside rear pocket of this binder.


** San Bernardino City Unified School District Guidelines for Tiered Support Available at


This table summarizes San Bernardino’s plan for tiered support implementation in the district.


** VanDerHeyden, A. ,Approaches to RTI. Fairhope, AL: Education Research and Consulting, Inc. Available at


This article describes four models of RTI implementation. It highlights the idea that there is no right or wrong model because the effects of the implementation depend on the quality of the implementation. Authors provide a list of activities for successful RTI implementation at the school level.


Galvin. M. (2007). Implementing response to intervention (RTI): considerations for practitioners. Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning. Not available online.


This brief provides background about the attributes of RTI initiatives, discusses changes required in policy and practice when implement RTI, and provides guidance for school leaders on how to manage the effects of the changes triggered by RTI implementation. The guidance provided is based on research and from field experiences.


Elliott, J., Morrison, D. (2008). Response to intervention blueprints: District level edition. National Association of State Directors of Special Education, Inc. Alexandra, VA: Author. Available at


This blueprint is part of a Response to Intervention Blueprint Series developed jointly by NASDSE and the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE). This blueprint provides a framework around which RTI implementation can be built based on step-by-step implementation guidelines, resources and tips from experienced RTI implementers. As part of the Response to Intervention Blueprint Series, guidelines for school level implementation of RTI can be downloaded from the NASDSE website at


**This document is considered a priority reading.