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Reading List: California State Context

California State Context (Session III)

This section includes publications addressing the condition of education in California.

**Issues and Actions in California Education Policy: Setting the Stage for 2006. (2006, January). Mountain View, CA: EdSource. Available at

This EdSource report outlines key issues facing California education in 2006. Topics include high schools, California’s school finance system, teachers and other personnel, and accountability.

**How California Ranks: A National Perspective. (2005, November). Mountain View, CA: EdSource. Available at

This EdSource Report provides an overview of how California ranks nationally on various educational measures. The authors provide summary data on the diversity of California’s student population, the capacity of California to support schools, and staffing.

Carroll, S.J., Krop, C., Arkes, J., Morrison, P.A., & Flanagan, A. (2005). California’s K-12 Public Schools: How Are They Doing? Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation. Available at

This report provides an overview of the condition of education in California. It addresses California demographics, school funding, teachers, school facilities, student academic achievement, and other indicators of student progress. We have included a summary of the report. A copy of the full book will be provided to Collaborative participants at the first meeting.

Quality Counts at 10: A Decade of Standards-Based Education – California. (2006). Bethesda, MD: Editorial Projects in Education. Available at

Education Week’s Quality Counts report series examines more than 100 indicators in the areas of standards and accountability, efforts to improve teacher quality, school climate, and resource equity and educational spending. This report highlights findings for California in a series of summary charts and tables addressing trends in state policy, student achievement, high school graduation rates, and chances for college.

**This document is considered a priority reading.