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Jorge Ruiz de Velasco Describes How CORE Districts’ Accountability System Pursues Deeper Learning Goals

December 2015

In Designing an Accountability System that Builds Professional Capacity and Sustained Commitment to Equitable Access to Deeper Learning Opportunities for All Students,  Jorge Ruiz de Velasco, associate director for the John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities, explains how a commitment to deeper learning  has driven the CORE Districts’ to design an accountability system that promotes equitable learning opportunities. To elucidate the connection, Ruiz de Velasco defines deeper learning and shows how it helps individuals attain college, career, and civic readiness skills like adaptive problem solving and independent creativity. He then examines how the California CORE Districts—a cross-district partnership that formed to explore strategies to advance student achievement— designed an accountability system with this guiding principle and the goal of providing equitable learning opportunities for all students. CORE District leaders have created an accountability system that aligns with a broader set of improvement efforts.Going forward, the CORE Districts will continue to grapple with how best to drive school-level implementation of social emotional learning practices and the respective continuous improvement structures that promote equitable access to deeper learning.