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California Collaborative Work presented at CERA

December 2013

Collaborative Work Presented at CERA

Presentations at the California Educational Research Association (CERA) conference on December 5th and 6th highlighted recent publications from the California Collaborative.  The first presentation drew parallels between Common Core assessment efforts and a similar initiative that took place in California two decades ago, the California Learning Assessment System (CLAS). The session highlighted key findings from the Collaborative’s brief Learning from the Past: Drawing on California’s CLAS Experience to Inform Assessment of the Common Core and identified key lessons for educators leading Common Core implementation efforts today. A second presentation shared findings from the Collaborative’s new report You’ll Never Be Better Than Your Teachers: The Garden Grove Approach to Human Capital Development, including the comprehensive and interrelated set of strategies used in Garden Grove to improve the quality of classroom instruction. Joel Knudson, Deputy Director of the California Collaborative and author of these products, delivered both presentations.

Learning from the Past: CLAS and the Common Core [CDE/CISC slides]

You'll Never Be Better Than Your Teachers [slides]