Bill Honig Launches the Building Better Schools Website

Bill Honig
November 2016

Bill Honig, vicechair of the California Instructional Quality Commission, and his team have launched the Building Better Schools (BBS) website. Designed to help a broad audience of district leaders, other educators, parents, and legislators understand and navigate the school reform debate, the BBS website gathers evidence in support of a “build and support” approach towards school improvement as an alternative to the “test and punish” approach often associated with No Child Left Behind. It places instruction at the center of improvement efforts, aims to engage all educators, students, and parents, and builds support structures to create effective school teams and continuous improvement. To help synthesize these perspectives, a set of Talking Points and tweets are available to help continue the conversation. To learn more about Bill Honig’s perspective on the state of affairs of California Education Policy and impetus behind developing the BBS website, see Louis Freedberg and John Fensterwald’s interview with Bill Honig on EdSource