Warren Simmons Contributes to More and Better Learning Time Indicators Report

Warren Simmons
July 2014

Warren Simmons, executive director of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform (AISR) at Brown University, is a contributing editor of AISR’s new report, Leveraging Time for School Equity: Indicators to Measure More and Better Learning Time. The More and Better Learning Time (MBLT) initiative seeks to add time to the school day and year, as well as improve the quality of time in school, to improve educational and social opportunities and outcomes for students residing in high poverty areas. The report provides an introduction to the goals and design of the MBLT initiative, as well as the factors that guided the development of a framework of indicators that can track progress at three levels: the student, the school, and the system. The report then introduces the indicators themselves, which are designed to align with MBLT principles and goals and can help researchers, educators, community groups, and funders successfully implement MBLT.