Shannan Brown Partners with San Juan Unified and Dyer-Kelly Elementary to Pilot Co-Teaching Model

June 2019

Shannan Brown, Executive Director of the San Juan Teachers Association, partnered with San Juan Unified School District and Dyer-Kelly Elementary School to launch a three-year co-teaching model focusing on language development and intensive professional development on language development. Dyer-Kelly Elementary School is an intensive needs school in the district – 99% of students are eligible for free and reduced priced lunch, 66% are English Learners, and 50% of the English Learner students have refugee status. Dashboard indicators on achievement and high staff turnover rates raised red flags for the staff at Dyer-Kelly and they approached the district for support in implementing the co-teaching model. With the co-teaching model, most of the classrooms at Dyer-Kelly Elementary now have two teachers in the classroom to differentiate and individualize during language arts instruction. Shannan and three members of the district administrative staff are part of the sponsorship team, whose job it is to secure resources, remove barriers, and act as thought partners for the school leadership team.  The school has just wrapped up the first year of this pilot; based on initial indicators, including ELPAC results, students are showing remarkable improvement in academics, language acquisition, and feeling more connected to school.