Collaborative Members Take Action During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 2020

Collaborative members have been busy taking action to help their students, families, and communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Chris Hoffman, superintendent of Elk Grove USD, was the first to  suspend classes in all district schools and cancel school activities due to COVID-19. Although the decision initially generated frustration among some district parents, other districts quickly followed suit. Kyla Johnson-Trammell, superintendent of Oakland USD, published a blog post in response to rising anti-Asian sentiments stating the importance of coming together as a community to take a stand against racism, discrimination, stereotyping, and violence. Jorge Aguilar, superintendent of Sacramento City Schools, participated in a Q and A session on the news to answer questions from the community about how they are providing help for high school senior in light of the pandemic. Elisha Smith Arrillaga, Executive Director of The Education Trust-West, published a commentary based on a survey of 1200 California parents that tells two stories: (1) that parents are satisfied with their school or district’s response to this public health crisis, and (2) that parents are deeply worried about their kids falling behind. She states, “Truthfully, the virus is taking a heavier toll on some communities than others…we are all affected, but we’re not all affected equally.”