California Collaborative District Leaders Build Leadership Capacity with Bain & Co.

Lessons from the SCALE Initiative
December 2014

Several California Collaborative superintendents have built a network of K-12 system leaders from both traditional public school districts and charter management organizations to develop their individual leadership capacity. Through the Stuart Foundation California Leaders of Education (SCALE) Initiative, these district leaders have participated in a series of workshops organized by California Education Partners and the consulting firm Bain & Company. Through these learning opportunities, the superintendents explore tools and strategies to improve areas like communication, decision making, and change management, while also drawing on the experiences and insights of their peers to inform their own practice. A new report written by California Collaborative deputy director Joel Knudson, Building Leadership Capacity in California’s Public Education Systems: Lessons from the SCALE Initiative, describes the origins of the initiative and document its evolution over time. It also identifies some of the key lessons learned from the experience that might inform other district leaders seeking to develop a similar learning network.