Arun Ramanathan Delivers Webinar on Continuous Improvement in Special Education

October 2018

Arun Ramanathan, Chief Executive Officer of Pivot Learning, and his team came together with the Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education to host a webinar on Instructional Leadership and Excellence in Special Education on October 5, 2018. Drawing upon the expertise of Connie Jensen, Parisima Shahidi, Terry Petersen, Dean Ballard, and Arun Ramanathan, the webinar focused on building the capacity of special education leaders, teachers, and service providers to serve as instructional leaders. The team focused on three learning objectives during the webinar: (1) understanding why instructional leadership is the key to improving learning outcomes for students with disabilities, (2) learning Pivot’s approach to assessing and developing an effective action plan for improving special education outcomes, and (3) finding out how to build the capacity of special educators to be instructional leaders. This webinar was provided in response to concerns about the persistent achievement gap for students with disabilities reflected in California’s assessment scores.